HP Strategy: 10 Things HP Should Do While Waiting For A CEO

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    Don Reisinger

1. Get Working On Rebuilding Palm

1. Get Working On Rebuilding Palm

When Mark Hurd decided to acquire Palm for $1.2 billion, some wondered what he had planned for the company. By virtue of his departure, no one will know. But that doesn't mean that the current leadership shouldn't start implementing ideas on how to make Palm as successful as it once was. Palm is integral to HP's operation now. The last thing the company should be doing is ignoring it until the next CEO comes in.
At HP, things aren't going too well. The company's former CEO, Mark Hurd, was ousted by the board, an interim CEO is in charge, and the company is trying desperately to find someone that will carry its banner forward with the kind of success Hurd enjoyed. It won't be easy. And as history has shown, the search for a suitable replacement for a good CEO can take years. Realizing that, it's time for HP's leadership to think about the future. Yes, a new CEO could change everything that Hurd worked towards. And it's entirely possible that current leadership could make decisions that the company's next leader would disapprove of, but complacency won't work in the increasingly competitive tech industry. And HP, although wildly successful, is leaving itself open to challenges from all angles. The time has come to improve HP while the board is looking for a new CEO. Let's take a look at what the company should be doing while it waits for its next CEO.
This article was originally published on 2010-08-26
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