Stealing Their Thunder

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The new models, unveiled in Berlin, include business-class HP EliteBooks, a plethora of consumer and gaming devices, and updated HP Compaqs for home and work.

The business machines announced June 10 played second fiddle to HP’s rollout that day of several consumer devices including two decadent, high-powered gaming machines—the Voodoo Omen desktop and the ultra-mobile Voodoo Envy—and six new Pavillion Entertainment and Compaq Presario PCs.  The real showstopper, however, was HP’s unveiling of the $1,299 TouchSmart All-in-One device that wowed the Berlin crowds with its touch-screen technology and its music, photo and video applications.

The TouchSmart debut came just one day after Apple’s high-profile rev of the iPhone, which also features a touch-screen interface and multimedia capabilities.

Rob Enderle, an analyst with technology research company the Enderle Group, told Reuters that HP's new products, which also included the $3,500 professional-grade Dream Color display monitor that can show a billion colors, could put it out of rivals' reach.

"[HP PSG executive vice president] Todd Bradley took a unit that many thought was a liability to HP and turned it into one of HP's top performers and into segment leadership ... to a point where it may not be possible for a competitor to catch it," Enderle said.

HP has led all vendors in global PC shipments for seven consecutive quarters. Matthew Wilkins, principal analyst for iSuppli, says HP capitalized on its "strong channel presence and its strength in the fast-growing notebook PC segment," allowing it to attain and maintain market leadership.


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