More SIEM Acquisition Targets

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HP's acquisition of ArcSight for $1.5 billion came as no surprise to industry watchers who said that HP and ArcSite were longtime partners, and ArcSight provides HP with a key piece of the security puzzle -- SIEM.

Jaquith believes there may be room for more pick-ups in the SIEM market as other vendors seek to bolster their security portfolios, and perhaps also improve upon what has been universally been held to be an extremely complex and difficult to deploy security product.

"There are other vendors in that market, companies like LogRhythm and LogLogic that I would think are likely to be seen as candidates for someone's arsenal," he says, "partly because SIEM plays so well in the compliance market and compliance is a great market for any large company to be providing solutions for. And because the product is so complex, you need somebody to tie them together. So if you're an IBM or Microsoft or Symantec, for purposes of consolidating what you already have or gluing some of your own acquisitions together, it certainly would make sense."

Competing vendors within the SIEM space seemed in high spirits following the deal's announcement, several of them commenting that ArcSight's high valuation confirms the importance of the market and also reporting that they're gearing up to participate in the chase for customer and partner crumbs that inevitably fall off the table following a deal of these proportions.

"We're not taking this for granted. We're already doing outreach to our partners and we take this very seriously," says John Burnham, vice president of corporate marketing for Q1 Labs.

According to Burnham, this deal provides an opportunity for ArcSight partners to reevaluate their relationship and also some leverage for better terms.

"If I'm a VAR, I'm seeing potentially an opportunity to take advantage of this," he says. "I'd say 'Prove to me that nothing's going to change. Give me another point, give me a spiff. What's in it for me?'"