HP Acquisition of Palm Complete, webOS Developments Ahead

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Hewlett-Packard has completed its $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm, and the company is looking forward to developing Palm's webOS platform, embracing the smartphone market and getting to work on a roadmap that includes slates and netbooks.

HP, the world's top-selling PC maker, with access to Palm's webOS mobile platform and Pre and Pixi smartphones, will now be able to "participate more aggressively in the highly profitable, $100 billion smartphone and connected mobile devices markets," HP said in a statement July 1.

However, the real draw for HP was Palm's webOS mobile operating system. It's expected that HP will pair the OS with a tablet form factor to better compete with Apple's iPad and the tablet market that's sprung up around it. Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein, who under HP Executive Vice President Todd Bradley will be in charge of a Palm global business unit, again highlighted HP's interest in webOS.

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