10 Things Steve Jobs Would Do If He Were Leading HP

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    Don Reisinger

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1. He'd Double Down On WebOSHP's decision to acquire Palm was a good one. With that acquisition, the company was able to take over Palm and thus, establish itself as another software provider, thanks to WebOS. Given Steve Jobs' history with Mac OS X, it wouldn't surprise anyone if he spent considerable cash improving WebOS and making it a top competitor in the mobile market. If all went well, he would likely also make it a top choice in the PC space.
When Mark Hurd left HP, there was an inordinate amount of speculation surrounding what would become of the company. Would someone take over and lead the way Hurd did or would the new CEO go in a completely different direction? Now that Leo Apotheker is at the helm and continuing to talk up the value of software, it's clear that HP is moving away from where Hurd was taking it, and focusing its efforts elsewhere. But in an alternate universe where Apotheker doesn't take over and Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes the helm at HP, what would happen? Would the company look and act the same way as it did under Hurd or would Jobs have taken it into an entirely different direction with new strategies, new focus, and perhaps most importantly, a new corporate culture? In the real world, Steve Jobs would never take over HP, of course, but what if? Here's a look at how HP would change over the next several years.
This article was originally published on 2011-05-12
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