10 Things HP's Management Shakeup Says About the Company

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    Don Reisinger

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1. Leo Apotheker Wants More OversightAs part of HP's management shakeup, the company said that more top-level managers would be answering to CEO Leo Apotheker. In fact, executive vice president for enterprise servers, storage, networking, and technology services, Dave Donatelli, will report to Apotheker, along with executive vice presidents of software and global sales, respectively, Bill Veghte and Jan Zadak. It seems that Apotheker wants more oversight of his top-level management.
Hewlett-Packard is undergoing some major changes at the top. Earlier this week, the firm announced that its Chief Information Officer Randy Mott was leaving the company, while Ann Livermore, the executive vice president of HP's enterprise operation, had been elected to its board of directors. The company also announced that some of its executive vice presidents will report directly to CEO Leo Apotheker to help streamline HP's chain of command. For his part, Apotheker said in a statement that the changes will have a profound (and beneficial) impact on his company's operation going forward. He also indicated that HP will continue to make changes to ensure its operation falls in line with its long-term strategy. But HP's decision to undergo a major shakeup at the upper-level-management area says quite a bit about what the company is looking to achieve, and where it's heading in order to get there. Here's a deeper look at HP's decisions and what the recent changes say about its current state and where it's headed.
This article was originally published on 2011-06-16
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