10 Things HP Could Learn From Microsoft

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    Don Reisinger

Software Is Important

Software Is Important

If nothing else, Microsoft has shown once again that software is integral to the success or failure of a company. Admittedly, Microsoft is a software company, so it makes it easier for the company to capitalize on it than HP would. But now that HP is attempting to compete in the mobile market, and its efforts in the computing space are expanding, software must play a major role in its strategy. As important as hardware and the cloud are to HP's bottom line, software must also play a major role.
HP is in an interesting position in today's marketplace. Not only is the company a well-respected enterprise provider of several solutions, it's also catering to consumers that want to find alternatives to companies like Apple or Google. With so many different markets to worry about, HP is looking more like Microsoft than Dell by the day. Perhaps that's why HP can learn so much from Microsoft. Although the tech giant has been around for a long time and has enjoyed success, it's still a small business compared to Microsoft. And as Microsoft has enjoyed its success throughout the years, the company has learned a thing or two about how to compete in an increasingly crowded market that's requiring more innovation and business sense. Simply put, Microsoft has been there and done that, and it's about time HP realizes that and starts thinking about some of the things it can learn from the software giant. Let's take a look at what Microsoft can teach HP about the industry:
This article was originally published on 2010-06-09
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