10 Reasons HP CEO Leo Apotheker Must Go

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    Don Reisinger

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Look At the StockThe biggest problem for HP right now is its stock price. The company's shares have been plummeting as of late, and Apotheker has been totally unwilling to stop it. Considering CEOs are judged by their stock price, it's hard to see why Apotheker should be allowed to stick around.
When CEO Leo Apotheker joined HP in November, he was expected to bring a fresh new look and feel to the business. Given his recent history as CEO of SAP, it seemed like the perfect time for the company to improve its standing in the software business and become a major force in the enterprise. At least when it came to the board's feelings towards Apotheker, he seemed like the perfect choice. But in just the last 10 months, it has become quite clear that Apotheker isn't ready to be leading as sophisticated a company as HP. His background in software did not prepare him for success in the PC business, and when it came to consumers, Apotheker seemed lost. Whereas Mark Hurd had some success, Apotheker has had none. And now, it's abundantly clear that something must change. According to recent rumors, HP's board is preparing to remove Apotheker. If it follows through with that plan, it would be a smart move. Simply put, Apotheker is not working out as HP's CEO, and the time has come to find a suitable replacement.
This article was originally published on 2011-09-22
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