Executive Briefing: Avnet's Plans to Help Partners

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Distribution giant Avnet will experience a change at the top in July when Rick Hamada takes over as CEO after a career at the company. Channel Insider sat down to talk with Hamada about his strategies, plans and his unique perspective on the market place. Here's what he said.

Channel Insider: What are the big trends in the market today that solution providers need to do a better job of capitalizing on? How will Avnet help them do that?

amada : There are some positive signs early here in 2011 that there is reason for optimism regarding economic growth. There are some exciting growth prospects in less developed or what people call emerging markets. We’ve invested quite aggressively in building out our global scale and scope during the past 5, 10, 15 years, both on components as well as our computer side of the business. We’ve done so both with organic investments as well as with acquisitions.

In North America there are still bright prospects in information technology such as analytics. If you drill down from there, solution or vertical or application or industry specialization that adds even more value to the engagement.

Channel Insider: Which technology areas do you see growing?

Hamada : I see strong demand drivers for an increased focus on storage. I see storage that moves from today’s storage sub-systems to more maybe solid-state, SSD-type solutions and hybrid solutions. Virtualization, as far as I can see, makes more and more sense to leverage what you do have in infrastructure.

Everybody’s most popular topic is the cloud and how the cloud will play going forward and how the channel can add value going forward -- what will be public and what will be private. I certainly believe there will be elements of cloud solutions in the data centers of the future as well as in Avnet the customer and Avnet the operating company.

Our challenge -- and our opportunity -- is to remain nimble, agile and innovative.