DandH Helps VARs Tackle Lucrative Vertical Market Opportunities

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D&H Distributing is offering new resources to help VARs target niche markets with high revenue potential, such as education, government and health care.

D&H Distributing is offering several new resources to help resellers looking to tap into growing vertical markets such as health care, government and education, including training programs, sales advice and vendor information portals.

The Harrisburg, Pa.-based distributor launched a new Education/Government Resource Page on its Website to give VARs a one-stop shop for vendors offering discounts and programs for government and education end customers and to help them source products for these markets. Vendors include Netgear, Honeywell, Canon, Kensington, LG, Logitech and ViewSonic.

The distributor is launching a similar portal for health care solutions, featuring Webcasts, Webinars and a health care solutions resource center. Vendors featured include Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Lenovo and more.

"We want resellers to understand the strategy behind vertical market solutions: If you can develop a specialty in one or two areas, and reach a level where you know more than your competitors about those verticals, then you’re in a position to succeed and to brand yourself as offering a more unique expertise," Mary Campbell, vice president of marketing at D&H, said in a statement. "It’s harder to be everything to every end user. Concentrating on a niche is a more productive approach, so we’re giving our resellers the tools to help them to choose and develop that specialty."

Of VARs who attended a virtual event D&H held on Sept. 15, 64 percent said they served the health care market and 52 percent said they worked with the education market. Forty-five percent had state or local government customers.

"D&H has really stressed the importance and lucrative value of vertical markets with us, such as health care, integrating categories such as digital signage," Christopher Pham, president of Pham Computers, in Lancaster, Pa., said in a statement. "They’ve given us a lot of direction as to where to go and what markets to pursue, so now we look for that guidance as ideas to help increase business."