Arrow ECS Launches Sales Portal for HP Resellers

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Arrow ECS is launching a new service to help Hewlett-Packard resellers identify opportunities and sell services.

In an effort to help its resellers drive more revenue from services sales, distributor Arrow Electronics’ Enterprise Computing Solutions group is launching a new services portal to help identify and sell HP system upgrades.

The program – called the Arrow Sales Acceleration Portal, or ASAP – mines a reseller’s installed-based service contract records to find customers whose Hewlett-Packard environments could use an upgrade. The portal allows solution providers to then print sales proposals that can be presented directly to clients that demonstrate how the customer could benefit from the upgrade. Costs, power and cooling savings and performance improvements over a three-year period are shown.

"ASAP automatically presents excellent selling opportunities for system upgrades to resellers so they can quickly and easily grow their business. As the greatest value for customers often times can be attained through converged infrastructure solutions, this portal helps HP resellers sell services," Andy Bratton, vice president of the North American HP group for Arrow ECS, said in a statement.

"We believe this portal is particularly useful because it assists resellers with generating an unsolicited bid proposal that is product-suite specific, with upgrade proposals respective to their customers’ products."

The system also helps HP resellers plan migration products by providing customer, territory and product specific data.