Dell's HP Opportunity: 10 Things It Can Do to Capitalize on Mark Hurd's Departure

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    Don Reisinger

1. Get Cozy With VARs

1. Get Cozy With VARs

VARs could be Dell's single key to success in the computing market. Unlike so many other firms that simply sell computers and collect the cash, Dell could provide a real value proposition to VARs by focusing its efforts there and helping them get what they want from the company. Considering that's how HP was so successful as of late, why shouldn't Dell follow that lead and capitalize?
Mark Hurd's departure as CEO of HP is causing most to focus on the impact it will have on the company he left, HP. But whenever a prominent CEO leaves a major tech firm, the change affects every other company in the marketplace, as well, and the technology industry is no exception. And perhaps no other company is more affected by Hurd leaving HP than PC maker Dell. Dell has been HP's biggest competitor for years in the PC space, and Dell has sought to match HP's moves product for product. Over the five years that Hurd led HP, he ran roughshod over smaller rival Dell, easily beating the competitor in both the corporate and consumer markets. But now all that has changed. Hurd is gone and HP is left without a permanent leader at the moment. There is a major void at the top of HP at the moment, and it's not clear when that void will be filled and by whom. That means Dell has an opportunity that it hasn't had in quite sometime against its larger rival. Dell could use this opportunity to make great strides against HP. And it's time for Dell to capitalize on it. Here's how:
This article was originally published on 2010-08-17
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