Dell Planning New Tablets, Smartphones

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Is Dell planning six new tablets and three new smartphones? It is if you believe what are said to be leaked Dell product roadmaps. According to those documents the tablets include Android and Windows options.

Dell CEO Michael Dell shared, during the company’s Feb. 15 earnings call, that the company planned to enter the 10-inch tablet space later this year, with a device running Android 3.0, known as "Honeycomb." But according to a leaked document said to be Dell’s product roadmap, Michael Dell was severely understating the company’s plans.

According to the roadmaps, which were posted Feb. 16 by tech sites wpcentral and Android Central and purport to outline Dell’s device plans through 2011 and into the first quarter of 2012, Dell is planning to launch three smartphones and — count ’em — six new tablets.

Let’s eat dessert first: The first new tablet, planned for April, is called the "Gallo" and will run Honeycomb. Following it in in late May or early June will be the "Rosemount," running Microsoft’s Windows 7 and featuring an HD display with a resolution of 1366 by 768. In October will come the Honeycomb-running "Sterling," and it seems — in time for the kickoff to holiday shopping — an update to the Gallo with handwriting recognition and "MLK."