Can Dell Do it Without the Channel?

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Dell will acquire IT risk consultancy and security-as-a-service provider SecureWorks. But does Dell plan to add this to the company's direct managed offering sales portfolio or will partners be part of the play?

Vendors like Dell simply don’t have the sales manpower to properly serve the SMB market. That’s where local and regional channel partners really shine.

"With regards to the channel, the only way for managed security service providers or security services vendors to reach the SMB and mid-market is to enlist the support of their regional VARs and regional channel partners," Liebert said.

She added that it would be too risky of a proposition for Dell to take SecureWorks entirely direct to the SMB market. Although Dell has stated it will make a strong channel push with SecureWorks services, how much of that opportunity will go through its partners remains to be seen. Only time will tell how much of a channel play this really is.

Dell’s strategy in services, like with its other product lines, is to give customers the ultimate choice. If customers prefer to buy direct, Dell doesn’t turn them away, according to Dell. If customers prefer to buy from trusted advisors, the channel has the opportunity to fulfill that role.