Transcend Releases Copy Protection SD, microSD Memory Cards

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SD cards are available in 2GB to 64GB capacities, and microSD cards are available in 2GB to 16GB capacities.

Transcend Information, a provider of storage and multimedia products, announced the launch of its Copy Protection SD/microSD memory cards. By recording data in a CD-ROM style partition, Copy Protection SD/microSD cards are designed to ensure the safety of valuable intellectual property against unauthorized copy, modification and deletion.

The company said preloading memory cards at the point of manufacture helps ensure data cannot be copied or deleted, removing the effect of sophisticated cracking tools and even reformatting. Moreover, the inability to write new data offers an extra level of security against a loaded virus, which may destroy files and spread infection to other computers. For added reliability and security, Transcend’s Copy Protection SD/microSD cards have been comprehensively tested for compatibility with most platforms, regardless of the host device software and hardware settings.

In addition, Copy Protection SD/microSD cards can be adapted to provide partially protected and partially free areas, allowing users to save and modify files in the free space as per a normal memory card. Copy Protection SD cards are available by request in 2GB to 64GB capacities, and Copy Protection microSD cards are available by request in 2GB to 16GB capacities. All are backed by Transcend’s limited lifetime warranty.

In December, the company announced the launch of its StoreJet Cloud Wireless Portable Drive. Featuring small dimensions, long-lasting battery, and capacity of up to 64GB, the portable StoreJet Cloud can extend the storage space available on Apple iOS and other WiFi-enabled devices. Photos, documents, eBooks, music and movies are accessed via a dedicated wireless network.

StoreJet Cloud offers support to the capacity limitations of mobile devices and presents an alternative to the coverage demands of Internet storage. By physically storing media with flash-based technology, StoreJet Cloud can provide a further 28 hours of DVD-quality movies or 16,000 songs in a small and lightweight design, as well as skip-free playback in an instant. When connected to a computer, StoreJet Cloud acts like any other portable drive: Users drag and drop files from the computer into personalized folders for file management.

The StoreJet Cloud application, an all-in-one media player for use with iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod, automatically lists portable drive contents for file navigation with several playback modes available. The application also offers users the ability to multitask by bridging a connection between StoreJet Cloud and an external WiFi access point simultaneously. Function menus to wirelessly transfer, delete or email files are also available from within the application in addition to enabling security settings and upgrading firmware. Accessing media on StoreJet Cloud is extended to other tablet and smartphone users by the use of a Web browser.