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If a government bailout is out of reach, solution providers should focus on tightening customer relationships, good technology and savvy technology picks to ensure profits.

5. Pick the right technology: If you’re in the IT business, you already offer some type of technology to your customers. But are there new or maturing technologies you don’t offer that would provide value to your customer? Some products may be a natural extension of technologies you already offer and, therefore, not require much of a learning curve. In other cases where training is necessary, before you commit resources to a new technology, make sure you have the resources. Consider hot technologies such as virtualization, and don’t be afraid to get creative. What about GPS? Companies with auto fleets looking for efficiency increasingly rely on GPS to achieve it, and some services are tailor-made for solution providers.

6. Go ahead and brag: When you’re good, you’re good, so don’t be afraid to say so. Experts say tight economic times are the wrong times to cut back on promoting your company. Get your customers to agree to case studies you can post on your Web site to demonstrate how you successfully met customer needs. In addition, use those success stories to help make a case to potential customers and to expand services with existing customers. Some solution providers also use newsletters to discuss new technology, offer tips to improve efficient use of applications and share news about the company. Newsletters and case studies are low-cost marketing devices that can prove very effective, but be careful to favor substance over fluff. Readers will turn you off if they feel you are wasting their time.

Pedro Pereira is a contributing editor for Channel Insider.


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