Search Comes to Managed Services

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Infrastructure investment is one of the biggest obstacles to building a managed service. A services newcomer is making search technology the underpinning of a new low-cost model that solution providers can private label.

The two biggest issues with managed services for most solution providers is the cost of creating the service and then dealing with the process by which the multitude of devices in the customer environments actually become managed.

While there has been no shortage of managed services platforms to use as a service, the issue that many solution providers have balked at is the cost of those services and the reliance on dedicated agent software to manage specific devices.

Because of those two issues, a low-level buzz in the channel is starting to build around a new managed services provider, Paglo. The basic Paglo service is available for $1 per managed device per month and makes use of an innovative proprietary search engine to index every IT asset in the customer’s environment. Once indexed, the Paglo service can then start monitoring any device in the environment. The company then makes available a variety of add-on systems management modules that a solution provider can layer in as an additional service, including a new Netflow application that allows solution providers to see what interactions are happening between devices on the network in real time.

Most recently, Paglo has now decided to allow solution providers to rebrand its service under their own names, so as far as the customer knows the service is provided completely by the solution provider.

The ability to use search engine technology in the context of systems management is something that has been long overdue. Paglo effectively allows a solution provider to assess the customer’s overall IT environment in a matter of minutes, which makes it a whole lot easier for the solution provider to discover what they are getting involved in. In addition, Paglo makes it easier to support any number of devices without having to be dependent on the development of a specific piece of agent software for that device.

In general, we’re seeing significant advances in the realm of systems management every week. Most notably, new platforms such as the Cisco Unified Computing System and the Matrix from Hewlett-Packard are bringing together various management functions under a single pane of glass. Effectively, these systems allow administrators to automatically discover every component of the environment and automatically make those resources available to any application on the system. The key value of these systems is that they actually lower the real total cost of computing.

Similarly, we should expect to see managed services quickly evolve to allow solution providers to manage every component as a virtual asset that can be remote invoked at a much higher level of abstraction than we see today. The Paglo service represents a significant step in that direction.

Mike Vizard is senior vice president of market strategies and content services at Ziff Davis Enterprise and a regular contributor to Channel Insider.


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