TwinStrata Debuts Cloud Storage Gateway

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CloudArray 3.0 starts at $4,995 for the CloudArray virtual appliance and $8,995 for the entry-level physical appliance.

TwinStrata, a provider of cloud-based data storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions, announced the release of its CloudArray storage gateway that enables companies to deploy Cloud SANs—enterprise storage solutions that combine public cloud, private cloud and existing SAN, NAS or DAS storage. CloudArray 3.0 is a cloud storage gateway that enables companies to leverage public, private and existing storage to deploy a Cloud SAN that offers multi-tenant and multi-site scalability.

Cloud SANs give organizations the ability to activate virtual or physical arrays with local speed performance, data reduction, high-availability, encryption, centralized disaster recovery and centralized capacity management. With CloudArray 3.0, companies can utilize existing SAN, NAS or DAS storage infrastructures for their Cloud, providing expansion to commercial public or private cloud storage solutions over time.

TwinStrata's three-step configuration is designed to enable global access to Cloud SANs, while centralized capacity management and disaster recovery help mitigate concerns about remote sites running out of storage and the need to administer backup and data protection operations across sites. CloudArray 3.0 is currently available with pricing starting at $4,995 for the CloudArray virtual appliance and $8,995 for the entry-level physical appliance.

"The part of TwinStrata's strategy that other competitors have failed to grasp is being able to work with any cloud or existing storage infrastructure. Companies make decisions about where their data is stored that they can't easily change –TwinStrata's ability to work with them is a key differentiator," said Mike Kahn, managing director at anayltics firm The Clipper Group.

The CloudArray 3.0 features file-based storage (NAS, DAS, SAN) in addition to public and private cloud integration, rapid 3-step initial configuration, dynamic cache sizing, for 1-click cache optimization without down time or migration of data, new management and monitoring tools, Amazon S3 regional storage support for international and government deployments and broader cloud storage ecosystem including Nirvanix.

"Our core value is Zero-Friction Enterprise Storage, and TwinStrata CloudArray 3.0 removes all friction-points to cloud storage adoption, extending the many advantages of cloud storage to existing storage infrastructures," said Nicos Vekiarides, CEO at TwinStrata. "CloudArray provides a rapid entry point into cloud storage, without elaborate planning and costly deployments that allows customers to seamlessly roll into public or private clouds in the future."

The ability of CloudArray 3.0 to bring existing storage assets into a total Cloud SAN infrastructure is the latest expansion of TwinStrata's comprehensive CloudArray ecosystem. Solutions range from off-site backups and storage tiering to applications, including Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server, and virtually any block storage application. CloudArray virtual appliance software is included with every distribution of Veeam Backup and Replication and DataCore SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor.

"Our TwinStrata-powered Cloud SAN allows us to keep up with the constant business and technology changes we face." said Joe Kempenich, vice president of information technology for National Lloyds & American Summit Insurance. "TwinStrata CloudArray integrates our network and mainframe applications with the public cloud for near unlimited, reliable storage. We have finally found a storage solution that is both flexible and simple to operate."