Top Cloud Computing Acquisitions of 2010

  • By

    Chris Talbot

Dell acquires Boomi

Dell acquires Boomi

With an eye towards building out its infrastructure and cloud offerings, Dell announced its intention to purchase SaaS integration tools provider Boomi in November. At one time known as a personal computing company, this acquisition is an important step for Dell in getting into the cloud services market.
Maybe it's an exaggeration, but it seems like barely a day goes by where there isn't at least one new cloud services provider popping up. With all the growth in the cloud market and the increase in the number of providers, whether they're all-in-one providers or have niche offerings, it's no surprise that major IT vendors from Dell to Google to IBM to Cisco to HP are buying their way into the cloud market -- or complementing their existing cloud offerings -- by acquiring these smaller players. Even as some other parts of the IT industry showed a noticeable slowdown in acquisitions during 2010, the cloud computing arena had many examples of big companies buying smaller cloud service providers. Take a look at 10 of the most important and significant acquisitions in the cloud during 2010.
This article was originally published on 2010-12-27