Tech Data Launches TDCloud Solutions, Training for VARs

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Tech Data's new TDCloud solutions and TDCloud Academy are designed to help resellers take advantage of new revenue streams by building and deploying cloud solutions for their customers.

Tech Data is launching new cloud offerings and training programs for solution providers looking to jump on the cloud-computing bandwagon.

The Clearwater, Fla.-based distributor’s TDCloud and TDCloud academy are designed to help VARs profit from new cloud-based revenue streams, whether they’re looking to work with private, public or hybrid cloud solutions.

"We're on a mission to connect end-customer demand for alternative IT computing and consumption together with the most robust IT vendor solutions that are selling today to ensure our VARs can profit from this transformational shift occurring in our industry right now," Joe Quaglia, Tech Data’s senior vice president of marketing, said in a statement. "TDCloud and TDCloud Academy are our first steps in accomplishing this mission."

The TDCloud solutions come in three flavors: Cloud Builder, Cloud Provider and Cloud Reseller.

The Cloud Builder solution combines server, storage, networking, virtualization and security products that help VARs build private cloud infrastructures for their customers.

Cloud Provider helps solution providers create cloud ecosystems that they can then offer as a hosted solution.

Cloud Reseller is designed to help VARs leverage existing public clouds and package them for resale without needing to build infrastructure of their own.

"Tech Data does more than just put the right products in our customers' hands," explained Quaglia. "We provide our reseller customers with end-to-end support—from initial assessment and vendor-focused training, certification and authorization, to system configuration and final delivery to the end-user."

Tech Data’s TDCloud Academy helps resellers educate themselves and their customers on the cloud, from helping define "cloud" and launching cloud initiatives to giving them deployment expertise.

"Tech Data has been a strong advocate for CCB as we transitioned our business and our customers to the cloud, providing us with the products, support, information and training we needed to stay ahead of the curve," CCB Inc. Executive Vice President Patrick Booth, said in a statement.

"We look forward to TDCloud being a key factor in enabling us to effectively meet the needs of our customers as they embrace the cloud and our continued growth with Tech Data as our cloud partner."