Open-Source Cloud Computing: Channel-Friendly Vendors Who Support It

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    Chris Talbot

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Rackspace HostingRackspace Hosting (www.rackspace.com) announced the OpenStack (www.openstack.org) project on July 19th. The open source cloud platform was designed to foster the emergence of technology standards and cloud interoperability. Nearly 30 vendors and organizations, including NASA (www.nasa.gov) have signed on since launch day.
Cloud computing has gained momentum among IT leaders. If they aren't implementing it they are doing a proof-of-concept project or planning one. Much of it is about saving money and administrative headaches. By moving IT infrastructure to the cloud, IT organizations can reduce capital costs and turn them into operating expenses. Plus, they can reduce administrative headaches by outsourcing them to someone else. But it's not just standard vendors who are supporting cloud efforts. Cloud computing is just as hot among members of the open source community, Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT, recently told Channel Insider. A growing number of channel-friendly vendors have voiced their support for open source cloud platforms. In fact, nearly 30 companies and organizations threw their support behind the new OpenStack open source cloud computing platform unveiled by Rackspace Hosting. Here are some of the channel-friendly vendors who are supporting one open source cloud computing platform or another.
This article was originally published on 2010-08-16