Is that Cloud Safe? Due Diligence for Cloud Apps

  • By

    Chris Talbot

Get the operation's track record

Get the operation's track record

A SAS 70 Type 2 audit will show a provider's track record for data center operations, security and privacy, and asking to review such an audit is important, said Dan Druker, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Intacct. A SAS 70 audit forces a cloud apps provider to write a complete and thorough document on operational procedures.

When you put yours or your customer's mission critical operations into the cloud, you don't want any surprises like unplanned downtime, security breaches, or issues with latency. Just like a VAR would do the due diligence before recommending hardware or software to a customer, it's also important to ask the right questions when selecting cloud applications. Channel Insider presents tips for doing proper due diligence in the growing cloud applications market.
This article was originally published on 2010-07-26