Imperva Spinoff Incapsula Unveils Cloud Data Security Strategy

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Incapsula is designed to offer small businesses a way to manage Website security and performance.

Imperva, a provider of data security, unveiled a strategy designed to help cloud providers and small to medium-size businesses protect sensitive data against external and internal threats and comply with regulations such as PCI, SOX and HIPAA. Additionally, Imperva spinoff Incapsula will help Web hosters give SMBs Web application protection.
For SMBs, Imperva spun off Incapsula, a Web application firewall service. Incapsula offers small businesses a way to manage Website security and performance. For hosting and other service providers, Incapsula enables Website security to be extended to a customer base. Imperva will resell this service to complement Incapsula's own sales efforts, a company release stated.

"Incapsula's service helps Web hosting companies provide SMBs with an easy, affordable way to defend their Web applications against external hackers," explained Gur Shatz, CEO of Incapsula. "Given the nature of today's indiscriminate, bot-based attack methods, small businesses are subject to significant cyber-attacks and require enterprise-class protection."

Subscribing to Incapsula's Web protection service does not require installation of hardware or software, just a DNS change. Incapsula inspects all incoming traffic to a subscriber's Website, keeping hackers out while accelerating outgoing traffic. The Incapsula service is aimed at the SMB and cloud market, with service beginning in the first quarter 2011. The list price for this service is expected to start at $50 per month.

Incapsula complements Imperva SecureSphere's cloud capabilities, such as those leveraged by Web hosting company FireHost. "SecureSphere gives FireHost a scalable Web application security platform that can handle our rapid customer growth," said Chris Drake, CEO of FireHost. "As part of our core service, all customers are protected from Web attacks using the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall. We're also excited to offer premium data security services for HIPAA and PCI compliance based on SecureSphere."

SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides protection for cloud-based Web applications against attacks, while the Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) and File Activity Monitoring (FAM) platforms provide sensitive data access auditing for cloud-based databases and file-sharing systems. SecureSphere supports most major cloud deployment models and is available by deploying physical or virtual SecureSphere appliances within a cloud data center.