IT Forecast: Increasing Cloudiness

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More than 70 percent said that by 2014, a third of all IT organizations will be providers of cloud services to customers or business partners.
If you think cloud computing will become a major factor in IT of the future, you're not alone. With more cloud providers on the scene than ever before, plus a plethora of new mobile end user devices such as iPad and other tablets and iPhone and other smartphones, users can now be more productive on the go than ever before. Now, a new survey by IDC/IDG Enterprise shows increasing cloudiness ahead as IT executives say they believe the cloud will significantly impact IT organizations, IT vendors and enterprises. Many of the concerns around cloud computing today will ultimately become catalysts for the move to the cloud. Here's a look at what IT decision makers had to say about cloud trends in the immediate future.
This article was originally published on 2011-06-23