High-Value Competency Channel Partners to Drive Cloud Adoption: AMI Report

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The report focuses on five key partner competencies driving growth and creating high value for vendors.

In the high-growth cloud services market, every advantage helps, and five key channel partner competencies help make them indispensable and highly profitable, a report from IT research firm Access Markets International (AMI) Partners shows. Channel partners with one or more of the five competencies—business analytics, unified communication and collaboration, business process management, mobility, and infrastructure alignment—are expected to capture the lion's share of this growth opportunity over the next two years.

The company’s "U.S. SMB Partner Competencies Assessment" turns the spotlight on these partners that have proactively invested in developing their skill sets, knowledge and expertise around these five competencies. Among the 72,000 partners in the United States that focus on the small to medium-size business (SMB) segment, only 20 percent are currently proficient in two or more of the high-value competencies.

The AMI report noted high-value competency (HVC) partners tend to work with SMBs in high-value industries, including financial services and health care. The breadth of product offerings, coupled with vertical specialization, allows these partners to cater to a more sophisticated SMB clientele, helping them drive operational efficiencies, enhance productivity and reduce IT complexity.

"High-value competency partners drive three times the market opportunity compared to other SMB partners, and the margins they derive from these key solutions are about 25 percent higher than other partners," said Avinash Arun, director of SMB channels at AMI-Partners. Arun said a critical distinguishing factor of HVC partners is their commitment to the cloud. HVC partners are also three times as likely to already be experiencing success in the cloud, from a business and financial perspective.

Some of the key solutions offered by HVC partners include business intelligence, CRM, unified communications, virtualization, infrastructure as a service and mobility applications. In addition to profiling HVC partner segments, the AMI report also provides a comparison of leading vendors' relationships with HVC partners.

"Their success in the cloud is critical to the sustainability and growth of the partner ecosystem," said Arun, "and to vendors who are betting heavily on this transformation."

The report focuses on five key partner competencies driving growth and creating high value for vendors. The report profiles partners with these competencies to help vendors benchmark, identify and target partners based on solutions focus and capabilities.