Google Relies on Partners for Cloud Transformation

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Google's Cloud Transformation Program calls on six of the company's elite channel partners to deliver value-added services built around Google's cloud portfolio. Google hinted that it plans to expand the program beyond the initial six.

Google is doubling down on its channel strategy with its recent unveiling of its Cloud Transformation Program, in which the company is using partners to deliver value-added services built around Google's cloud portfolio. The program will start out with six select partners participating, but Google intimates that it will expand to more as it gains steam.

"We’re excited to have CSC, Cloud Sherpas, Cognizant, Opera Solutions, Razorfish, SADA Systems and TempusNova as our initial Cloud Transformation Program partners," said Rahul Sood, global head of enterprise partnerships for Google. "These partners all have deep expertise and a proven track record of success helping businesses make the most of their IT investments, so we appreciate their support."

The idea behind the program is to use partner expertise to ease larger organizations into a complete transition to platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) products like Google App Engine, Google App Script, Google Storage for Developers and Google Prediction API.  

As one of Google's leading partners in reselling and implementing Google Apps, Cloud Sherpas will likely have a big role in leading the charge for greater channel involvement in Google business development.

"Cloud Sherpas has a great record of helping enterprise customers run their businesses using Google Apps and embrace our 100% web vision," Sood said.

Known for custom workflow and application development work using Google's cloud toolset, Cloud Sherpas already has considerable experience aiding customers with just the transitions that Google's new program is meant to spur on.

In one example, the Cloud Sherpa helped Simmons Food Company move from a Lotus environment by creating a tool to migrate Lotus Domino applications to Google's cloud and developing several custom Google App Engine gadgets to integrate with Google Sites in order to give Simmons the level of functionality it needed to deliver to users of the transferred database. The transition by Simmons gave it the ability to better sort and search its data and put power into the users' hands to query multiple databases much more quickly. It also improved workflow for adding documents to the Simmons intranet and gave them greater access to documents while offsite.

"Cloud Sherpas combined Google App Engine and Google Sites to allow us to turn off our Lotus Notes servers and obtain the maximum ROI on 'Going Google,’" said  James Dunham, IT manager of Simmons Food Company.