Google Apps: To Switch or Not to Switch?

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    Chris Talbot

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Time for a refreshChoosing Google Apps just after you've made a significant hardware and software upgrade doesn't make much sense. The right time to consider a change is when it's time to refresh your organizations technology again.
Google Apps is a powerful suite of messaging and collaboration tools, but its cloud-based approach to software isn't right for every individual or business. There are several factors that go into deciding to make the switch or in recommending to your clients that they switch from their familiar on-premise software suites to the Google Apps world. Cloud Sherpas has built its business around Google Apps as a Google channel partner and ISV. Michael Cohn, founder and vice president of marketing of Cloud Sherpas says the cost savings businesses get from making the switch to Google Apps is a "slam dunk," but the timing has to be right. Also, Google Apps is not suitable for businesses heavily affected by regulatory compliance laws like HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. However, many businesses can benefit from the move. Here's a look at the factors to consider when looking at a move to Google Apps.
This article was originally published on 2010-11-17