Dimension Data Acquires Cloud Hosting Provider Opsource

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Dimension Data is focusing on helping businesses more effectively adopt a cloud architecture.

Dimension Data announced that it has acquired OpSource, an enterprise cloud company, in a deal that will see Dimension Data, a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Holdings, accelerate its cloud computing services offerings.

At the same time, Dimension Data, a $4.7 billion ICT services and solutions provider, has created a centralized Cloud Solutions Business Unit, which will report directly into Dimension Data’s CEO, Brett Dawson. OpSource will become part of the Dimension Data Cloud Solutions Business Unit.

OpSource employs 150 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., with operations in Virginia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and India. More than 600 enterprises, service providers and software-as-a-service ISVs employ OpSource's cloud automation technology to operate cloud computing and hosting environments.

Dawson said market readiness for cloud services is being enabled by technology maturation, along with clients’ needs for more flexible, services-centric IT sourcing options. "Our decision to accelerate our focus on cloud services aligns to our long-standing strategy to become a services-led business," he said. "Over the past few years, Dimension Data has been building cloud-related skills and capabilities in the areas of virtualization, data center and storage, managed services and hosting, and IT outsourcing—all critical to enabling cloud architectures for our clients."

Dimension Data’s competencies and capabilities in IT integration are geared toward helping organizations effectively adopt a cloud architecture. The group’s focus on multinational systems integration projects, coupled with its managed services, data center and storage, and security expertise, is designed to accelerate the transition to cloud computing for clients across all regions.

"OpSource brings a rich set of services, a sound cloud architecture, and extensive experience in cloud services that will meet immediate client needs—in addition to a cloud infrastructure which supports development and growth in this space," Dawson said. "We believe OpSource provides us with an accelerated time-to-market as their infrastructure and services are well-established and tested. Dimension Data is now well-positioned to provide our clients with services that help them at each step in their journey toward cloud architectures."

According to Treb Ryan, OpSource CEO and co-founder, mapping a migration path and architectural design for the cloud is complex and requires in-depth understanding of an organization’s entire IT infrastructure, architecture, and relative interdependencies and risks. "An understanding of IT integration across disparate multi-technology, multi-geography, IT environments is critical to evolving toward cloud-based architectures," he said. "We believe that as part of Dimension Data, OpSource will be better able to capitalize on the global cloud computing market opportunity. We’re thrilled to be a part of the Dimension Data family."