Cloud Storage Vendors Worth a Look

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    Chris Talbot

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Google AppsWith online document creation and sharing features, Google Apps has become a major player in the cloud services market for consumers and businesses. Google unveiled its cloud storage service earlier this year as part of its Google Apps business offerings. For $50 per user per month, businesses get all the features of Google Apps, including 25GB of cloud storage per employee.
Every day users create more data that needs to be stored, and storage volume continues to increase. It's no wonder that the idea of cloud storage has gotten so much attention from customers, IT solution providers and vendors of the services. There's a need for cloud storage, whether it is in private or public cloud. The trouble is there are so many cloud storage providers popping up that it's easy to get confused. David Hill, principal of Mesabit Group, puts it best: "There's a variety of ways to go about doing it, and there's a host of companies. It becomes mind-boggling." To reduce some of the boggle, here are 10 cloud storage vendors and services, from those designed for ease-of-use to those offered as Infrastructure as a Service, that are worth a look.
This article was originally published on 2010-11-11