Cloud Storage Providers: The Most Reliable

  • By

    Ericka Chickowski

The Tests

The Tests

For over two years, Nasuni has been testing the largest cloud service providers with a series of five cascading tests. CSPs had to pass the first test in order to move on to the next. CSPs that failed a test dropped out of the field of contenders.
It can sometimes feel like a leap of faith to put your most mission critical data in the cloud. Is it safe? What if there's an outage? Well, not all cloud providers are the same, a fact vividly illustrated by a new report out from cloud storage consolidation experts at Nasuni. Nasuni conducted a number of tests on the nation's top 16 cloud service providers and found that only six of them earned a passing grade. Channel insider takes a look at the tests and the elite few who passed. And while Nasuni refused to reveal who failed, we'll take a look at which tests caused these unknown providers the most problems.
This article was originally published on 2011-12-14