Chromebook For Enterprise Users: 10 Big Issues

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    Don Reisinger

It's Too Simple

It's Too Simple

Google's Chrome OS is a first-generation version of the operating system. That means it's still going to suffer from some bugs here and there, and it's still quite simple. Over time, Google will be able to make Chrome OS more usable for enterprise customers who need high-level functionality, but until then, the OS simply won't offer enough to justify its use in the enterprise.
Google's Chrome operating system will be available to consumers starting on June 15, when they can start ordering devices Google is calling Chromebooks. Basically netbooks, the devices are launching from Acer and Samsung. What's rather interesting is that Google is not only trying to promote its operating system for consumers. In fact, the organization has said that it will also try to appeal to enterprise customers with the cloud-based operating system. However, appealing to enterprise customers that are historically (and notoriously) averse to change and new ideas that might or might not make sense for their employees has proven extremely difficult. As Apple has learned, delivering a nice operating system alternative to Windows simply isn't enough to get the job done. But Google will try, nonetheless. Unfortunately for the firm, its efforts will be vain. There is simply little chance (if any) that corporate customers will jump at the chance to deploy Chrome OS. The operating system suffers from too many issues to justify enterprise adoption. Here's why.
This article was originally published on 2011-05-16
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