Carbonite Offers Bare Metal, Cloud Backup

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Plans include external hard drive backup, allowing users to add files saved on an external drive to their online backup.

Carbonite, a provider of online backup solutions for consumers and small to medium-size businesses, unveiled its suite of Carbonite Home solutions. The suite brings more backup options to users with the introduction of the HomePlus and HomePremier, which complement the company’s current Home solution.

The suite of Home solutions is available with annual pricing of $59 (Home), $99 (HomePlus) and $149 (HomePremier).

HomePlus and HomePremier plans include external hard drive backup, allowing users to add files and folders saved on an external drive to their online backup. The HomePremier plan also comes with the option to have a backup recovery drive shipped to a user. For users with large backups, the Courier Recovery option may be the fastest way to get files back should they need to recover all their data or do not have Internet connectivity to perform a standard recovery. Plus, with remote access, users can get to their backed-up files from any Web browser or from a smartphone.

"Carbonite is committed to providing backup solutions that enable our customers to easily back up what they want to protect. We’re happy to introduce these new service options to our Home and Home Office users so they can choose the backup plan that best meets their needs," said David Friend, chairman and CEO of Carbonite. "With HomePlus and HomePremier, Carbonite is addressing our customers’ interest in backing up their external hard drives, and is also introducing an innovative hybrid backup option that provides an even-greater level of protection by combining our cloud-based data backup with a local 'bare metal’ backup."

HomePlus and HomePremier users have an extra layer of protection with a local copy of their computer’s hard drive. With Mirror Image, Carbonite users have the ability to back up the operating system and software programs to an external hard drive. By combining this "bare metal" backup with their cloud backup, a user will have the reliability of physically separate and redundant data backups. If a user’s hard drive crashes, Mirror Image can be used to restore the entire disk, including the Windows operating system, all applications and settings.

"Carbonite pioneered simple, secure online backup, and now we are making comprehensive full-system backup just as easy and accessible for our customers. With the new Mirror Image feature, our customers can now back up their data files to the cloud and have a bare metal backup on a local hard drive. This creates a complete copy of everything on a user’s PC, so if their hard drive crashes or has to be reformatted, the PC can easily be restored to exactly the way it was before," Friend said. "Bare metal backup used to require advanced computer skills, but now our users only need to plug in an external hard drive and let Carbonite do the rest."