Amazon Revamps Its Virtual Private Cloud Service

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Amazon Web Services has redesigned the access to its Virtual Private Cloud service, letting users set up their own virtual networks within its cloud.

Amazon Web Services, which launched its first product (Simple Storage Service) five years ago this month, revealed March 15 that it has redesigned the access to its Virtual Private Cloud service.

Users now can set up their own virtual networks within the Amazon cloud that they can control just as they control their own physical data center networks.

Amazon VPC now lets users specify which of their Amazon VPC resources they want to make directly accessible from their Internet connection and which they would like to maintain behind their firewalls.

Previously, Amazon Elastic Cloud (EC2) users would provision a private section of the AWS cloud and launch AWS resources into it that were only accessible via a virtual private network (VPN) connection to a physical enterprise data center.

As a result, Amazon VPC was not directly accessible. Because VPNs in general are notorious for connectivity problems, interruptions in services were all too common. Starting on March 15, enterprises will no longer require a VPN or existing infrastructure resources in order to use the Amazon VPC, the Seattle-based company said.

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