Akamai Launches Global NetAlliance Partner Program

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The program aims to increase global reach through Akamai’s Internet platform and allow partners to access market development funds.

Cloud-based services provider Akamai Technologies, which specializes in platforms for optimizing Web and mobile content and applications, online HD video, and secure e-commerce, announced its NetAlliance Partner Program designed for global IT solution providers to integrate Akamai services into their offerings and to pass the value of Akamai’s globally distributed platform on to customers.

The Akamai NetAlliance partner program is designed to enable new members to leverage integrated solutions with leaders in the public, private and hybrid-cloud markets; add and scale revenue streams to their business with Akamai solutions that have a low barrier to entry; help customers reduce costs and improve efficiencies in their data center consolidation by off-loading traffic to Akamai; and integrate a secure Internet platform to their cloud offerings by providing improved quality and performance.

In addition, the program aims to increase global reach through Akamai’s global Internet platform and allow partners to access market development funds and Akamai training/certification programs. With the launch of its NetAlliance Partner Program, Akamai is recruiting hardware and software integrators, application and infrastructure service providers, and commerce and digital media platform providers committed to helping its customers leverage the cloud for business success.

"As the demands on today’s enterprise rapidly evolve, IT decision makers must find the optimal solutions for cloud computing, security, mobile strategies, and site and application performance," said Brad Rinklin, vice president of global marketing and alliances for Akamai. "Our focus on creating a diverse channel has allowed us to bring customers best-of-breed solutions for leveraging cloud business models without compromising security, reliability or performance. The Akamai NetAlliance Partner Program is about creating an eco-system of proven technology leaders in all regions of the world who are committed to advancing how business is conducted online."

Having built global alliances with IT providers including HP, Jive Software, Rackspace Hosting, Telefónica and Verizon, Akamai has also established partnerships with regional technology providers and integrators around the world to collaborate on solutions for today’s enterprise. Some of those existing alliances across Asia Pacific Japan, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and South America include 77 Agency, Arturai, Boreus, DMX Technologies Sdn. Bhd, Exceda, Kinmax Technology and Mikotek International, among others.