10 Things You Need to Know About iCloud

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    Don Reisinger

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It's FreeThe nicest thing about iCloud is that the first 5GB of storage is free to each user. The cloud is an important, and possibly scary, new frontier for consumers and charging them to access a cloud-based platform might not work. Offering it for free is a smart move.
After a long wait, Apple's iCloud is finally available to users of the company's products and services. And as the latest entrants to the service have undoubtedly found, the platform works exceedingly well both as a syncing tool and a storage option. What's more, it appears that Apple is ready and willing to improve the platform to make it even more appealing in the future. But for those who haven't tried out iCloud just yet or simply want to know more about it, the following slides should be quite helpful. We take a look at some of the finest aspects of iCloud, and talk about why the average Apple product user should want to take advantage of the free service. Could iCloud be better? Sure. Could it have more features? Of course. But for a first run, iCloud compares quite well to just about every other cloud-based service on the market. Flip through the following slides to learn more about iCloud and some of the key features that make it a worthwhile option for consumers and maybe even enterprise users.
This article was originally published on 2011-10-17
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