Cisco Unified Network Services Launched, Expanding Data Center Portfolio

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Cisco is adding Cisco Unified Network Services to its data center architecture, technology that Cisco says will help with building policy-based provisioning and workload portability across the network, compute and cloud environments.

Looking to take its data center vision one step further, Cisco is developing a new data center architecture called the Cisco Data Center Business Advantage. The architecture will feature three pillars of technology, including Cisco Unified Computing, Cisco Unified Fabric and a new portfolio called Cisco Unified Network Services. The three technology areas will form the foundation of Data Center Business Advantage, the company said.

The change is an evolution of the Cisco data center framework, according to Shashi Kiran, solutions marketing manager for data center/virtualization at Cisco Systems. Cisco Data Center Business Advantage is intended to improve the agility and efficiency of traditional and virtualized data center environments.

"The idea here is that all of the data center has been changing to more of a strategic asset," Kiran said. There's an increasing need for tying data center investments into business relevance, and this updated Cisco data center framework is intended to help IT innovations deliver on business value, he said.

The new overall element being introduced is Cisco Unified Network Services, which is meant to provide rich services in physical and virtual form factors while also offering flexibility in building consistent, policy-based provisioning, operational simplicity and workload portability across the network, compute and cloud environments.

"What it is, is a simple distillation of a vision we have to deliver any service in any form factor on any platform," Kiran said. This includes application networking, policies and security all available for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. The goal is to provide consistent policies across all the environments.

Under Cisco Unified Network Services, the networking vendor is introducing new products, including the Cisco Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) and Cisco virtual Wide Area Application Services (vWAAS).