Early TAAS customer, UBS

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Are your customers interested in telepresence but unwilling to make the big capital investment required? That's why Cisco partner CSC created a telepresence-as-a-service offering, enabling customers to buy their telepresence on a monthly managed and hosted basis.

One of CSC’s earlier customers for TAAS is UBS, a global wealth management and investment bank with offices around the world, started piloting the service in summer 2010 and finished its initial implementation in November. According to Doug Rennie, managing director of infrastructure shared services at UBS, the primary purpose of the rollout was to enhance its existing videoconferencing systems with the high-definition capabilities of telepresence.

"Primarily, it’s used as an enhanced meeting experience. At this point in time, the limited number of deployments is primarily used to avoid a lot of executive travel. As much as possible, it’s used for staff meetings pretty heavily spread out from a geography standpoint with major financial cities around the world," Rennie said.

Unsatisfied with more traditional teleconferencing, with poor quality video that is often out of sync with people’s speech, UBS turned to telepresence to increase the quality of its video communications and plans to roll out telepresence rooms to all its main facilities around the world.

However, UBS doesn’t yet see the advantage of telepresence in reducing travel. Rennie estimated that UBS will probably need at least 200 telepresence units rolled out before the technology will actually reduce executive travel in a meaningful way.

"This is really a part of our collaboration portfolio. We’ve worked really hard to try and integrate this. It’s really about trying to bring new capabilities to our clients," Shah said.