Cisco Enterprise Content Delivery System Enables Video Content Distribution

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ECDS consists of hardware appliances and Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) virtual blade software.

Communications and networking specialist Cisco announced the Enterprise Content Delivery System (ECDS), a set of video distribution products that provide a way to manage the video load on the wide area network (WAN) and is also designed to help control the cost of extending video applications across the organization. As a key video infrastructure component of the Cisco medianet architecture, ECDS consists of hardware appliances and Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) virtual blade software. ECDS is available globally with pricing starting at $4,395.

The appliances and software work together to help organizations distribute live video content via streaming or multicasting, and, on-demand video via caching and prepositioning.  ECDS also provides an IT-friendly management system for easy setup, configuration, maintenance, and monitoring of video. ECDS can also help eliminate delays in video playback, intermittent video interruptions, pixilation and other issues associated with video delivery and reception.

ECDS helps optimize live and on demand one-way video content for a variety of applications such as organizational communications, training, events or executive broadcasts. IT managers can use ECDS to scale live video streaming without having to turn on multicast. For example, instead of sending 10 video streams of a broadcast to 10 users at a branch office, ECDS sends one stream to the branch and automatically splits that stream at the branch into one for each end user.

On-demand video content, like employee training videos or recorded telepresence meetings, can be pushed out across the WAN during off-peak hours, and then cached locally for access by multiple users. ECDS is comprised of three deployment options: The Cisco Media Delivery Engine (MDE) 1100 and the MDE 3100 are network appliances that scale to 500 and 5,000 concurrent users respectively. The third option is the MDE 50WVB, a software virtual blade that supports up to 200 simultaneous users on a WAAS appliance.

"Our customer was looking to offer high quality video-on-demand for students and teachers as a way to share knowledge," said Steven Reese, director of solutions marketing at unified communications and data security specialist Nexus IS. "The Cisco Enterprise Content Delivery System proved to be the ideal solution to deploy video pervasively throughout the school district on their existing network infrastructure.  We're excited that ECDS enables rich media experiences for our customers to take advantage of the power of both live and on-demand video streaming."