Cisco's Acquisition of Inlet Technologies Complete

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Cisco's digital media processing business gets a boost with the $95 million acquisition of the Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) specialist Inlet Technologies.

Communications giant Cisco announced it has completed its acquisition of privately held Inlet Technologies, a provider of Adaptive Bit Rate digital media processing platforms. Based in Raleigh, N.C., Inlet was acquired to help strengthen the capabilities of Cisco's Videoscape TV platform, allowing service and content providers to deliver video experiences to a variety of devices over any Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Cisco Videoscape is a TV platform for service providers that brings together digital TV and online content with social media and communications applications with the intention of creating an immersive home and mobile video entertainment experience. Inlet's ABR technology, which is used in streaming multimedia over managed and unmanaged networks, adapts the quality of the video stream based on real-time network conditions.

Cisco said in a statement that Inlet would bring to the company a strong team that understands the complexities of delivering ABR video over IP networks to any device. With the close of the acquisition, Inlet employees become part of Cisco's Service Provider Video Technology Group. Under the terms of the agreement, Cisco paid approximately $95 million in cash and retention-based incentives in exchange for all shares of Inlet.

ABR technology works by detecting a user's bandwidth and CPU capacity in real time and adjusting the quality of a video stream accordingly. It requires the use of an encoder, which can encode a single source video at multiple bit rates. The player client switches between streaming the different encodings depending on available resources.

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