Cisco Cius: iPad Killer Arrives

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    Ericka Chickowski

Ciscos B2B Legacy

Ciscos B2B Legacy

Let's face it, Apple is an out-and-out consumer company. Many IT leaders have expressed hesitation at jumping on the iPad bandwagon for just that reason. Meanwhile, Cisco has been in the B2B space for years and it knows how to cater to enterprises. This will be a huge factor in pushing Cius out to the workforce.
Cisco made big news recently with its release of its own tablet computer, the Cisco Cius, designed for business users and collaboration. The tablet marks Cisco's debut in the client computer space, plus it pits Cisco against the ultra-popular Apple iPad tablet. Here's why the Cius may very well be an iPad killer.
This article was originally published on 2010-07-15