Meeting the need for VOIP skills

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Everyone knows that Cisco certifications are some of the most in-demand certifications in the technology space. Now Cisco is expanding a select group of certifications to add voice and security specialties, recognizing the growing importance of these areas.

Likewise, the company is now releasing the CCNP Voice certification track. Weiller noted that many businesses still haven't yet made the switch to VoIP communications infrastructures, but since it's the era of unified communications, more and more businesses are turning to VoIP and related technologies for their voice communications needs.

Cisco is updating the CCNA Voice courses and exams with new unified communications knowledge requirements, but it's also launching five new exams and courses for the CCNP Voice certification, which replaces the Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP) certification.

"The voice track is now going to be completely updated and upgraded, and be very job role centric and updated with the latest and greatest technologies," Weiller said.

Aligning with job roles is actually the key message Cisco is trying to get across with these new exams.

"The key point here is that it's all job roles based," Vashi said. "That's the one thing we're very focused on – aligning the job roles. On the security side, we saw there was a gap because the network engineer wasn't really covered, so that's why we added that. On the voice side, we're seeing a huge need for not just voice but a collaborative environment."

Cisco wanted to make sure all the certifications reflected the latest versions of products and new collaboration solutions, Vashi added.

"We can't cram everything into one certification program," Weiller said. "If we did, it would become a monster and be too big for people to take or it would be too light because every topic would be covered at a very shallow level."

The CCNP Voice and CCNA Voice exams are available today. CCNP Security courses will be available on November 1, with the exams following on November 26.