Cisco C-Series Switches Offer TrustSec Security Features

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The Catalyst 3560-C and Catalyst 2960-C series switches offer compact size and advanced security features.

Communications specialist Cisco introduced the Catalyst 3560-C and Catalyst 2960-C Compact Series (C-Series) switches, designed for locations that pose unique wiring, space or power challenges. Roughly half the size of a Microsoft Xbox video game console, C-Series Switches are designed to enable the deployment of secure customer services, including unified communications, wireless access, IP video and other applications.

C-Series Switches can be deployed up to 100 meters away from the wiring closet, while pass-through PoE technology powers Internet Protocol devices in locations without access to power outlets. The switches can draw power from an upstream (PoE+/PoE-capable) switch or a router in the wiring closet, to power itself and to drive power downstream to the IP devices connected to it.

The switches also feature Cisco Catalyst Smart Operations for "zero touch" setup and troubleshooting, and Auto Smartports for automatically configuring the switch based on the types of devices that connect to it. Automatic quality of service enables state-of-the-art QoS implementation for IP telephony and video with just one command. The switches can also be remotely managed along with the switches in the wiring closet. The company’s EnergyWise technology delivers the capability to monitor, manage and reduce the energy consumption of the devices connected to the switch. Devices can be turned off and powered down when they are not needed

With Cisco’s TrustSec security platform, network data remains protected because all packets between the switch and the end device are encrypted right at the source. Strict security policies can be implemented based on user IDs, organizational roles, and device types. In addition, malicious users can be proactively blocked from eavesdropping on the conversation or data transmission between two endpoints, while theft of the switch and unauthorized access to the cables can be prevented with an optional security lock and cable guard. The C-Series Switches are also PCI-compliant to help ensure regulatory compliance for payment transactions.

"The C-Series Switches exemplify the customer-driven innovation that Cisco is known for. Today's organizations are packing more networked devices into more challenging environments; from hospitality to health care, new business needs are driving new requirements for the access network," said Rob Soderbery, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Ethernet switching technology group. "The C-Series Switches are powerful compact managed switches that provide all the Borderless Networks capabilities and benefits found in Cisco's enterprise-class Catalyst 2960 and 3560 Series Switches."