The Enterprise Play

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Cisco has introduced a host of new products to expand on its vision of a Borderless Network Architecture, ranging from product for the biggest enterprise to those that acknowledge the growing influence of the consumer within IT organizations.

For enterprise branches, Cisco is releasing the ASR 1001 router, which Lasser-Raab said offers very high performance in a very compact form factor. She claimed that it's the fastest router of its size, with the ability to provide up to 5Gbps performance throughput with services turned on.

Cisco announced the ASA 5585-X Adaptive Security Appliance under its security banner. The ASA 5585-X is a 2RU firewall with double the performance of what Cisco has available today, Lasser-Raab said. The firewall can support 10,000 concurrent VPN connections. It can run at up to 20Gbps of multi-protocol throughput and 35Gbps of large packet throughput of maximum firewall performance.

According to Cisco, the new firewall is ideal for mission-critical data centers.

Also included in this round of product releases is the Aironet 1040 Series Access Point, which Lasser-Raab said is Cisco's lowest-end 802.11n access point. It's being targeted at small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) and economy buyers.

"It really gives them the right footprint and right price point to adopt 802.11n wireless networks," she said.

Cisco is also updating AnyConnect. The 3.0 version now supports hybrid mobility deployments through ScanSafe cloud security services, as well as further support for IPSEC IKEv2, SSL and DTS. It also contains an integrated 802.1X supplicant and 80.2.1AE MACSec support. Cisco also announced support for Windows 7 devices.

Cisco also announced CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution 4.0 and the Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service, which provides IT professionals with additional visibility into their networks.

Last but not least, Cisco announced the Application Velocity network service, which is rooted in Cisco ISR routers and is a key element of the Borderless Network Architecture, Lasser-Raab said. Application Velocity provides better visibility and control of application acceleration and WAN optimization.

Three products have been announced as part of Application Velocity. Cisco WAAS Express provides WAN optimization on Cisco IOS software and has been integrated into the Cisco ISR G2. Cisco WAAS on the ISR G2 Services-Ready Engine (SRE) gives businesses on-demand application acceleration and WAN optimization services. Cisco Unified Communications System Express enables customers with the ISR G2 SRE installed to run any Windows or VMware application without the need for an additional application server.

Except for the ASR 1001, all of the products will be available this month. The ASR 1001 will be available at the beginning of December.