10 Ways For Cisco to Get Its Mojo Back

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    Don Reisinger

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1. Forget About Financials For A WhileAs a public company, Cisco is obviously concerned about its future financial performance. And it fully understands that without proper revenue and profit gains, its stock price will plummet. But it can't worry about that for now. It needs to think about its future and determine what is really best for its operation. If it can do that and follow through on its plans, it can turn its operation around.
Enterprise-focused Cisco has been competing for years in an environment that where it excelled. Companies around the globe use Cisco products. And many of them are very happy with the experience that they offer, delivering enterprise-class performance and a level of efficiency that typically appeals to customers. But over the past few years, things have been going awry at Cisco. The firm has been on a purchasing binge, trying to nab every company that it can to expand its product offerings. It has also unveiled new products that seem to stray from its core focus. And along the way, it seems to have lost a sense of what it's all about. But Cisco can still change all that. All it needs to do is shed some of the fat, find areas to improve, and perform some small changes in key growth sectors to fully get its mojo back. Here's how Cisco can revive its lost brand and return to its former glory.
This article was originally published on 2011-03-06
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