Twitter and Facebook for Job Hunters

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    Leah Gabriel Nurik

Tweet, but don't share too much

Tweet, but don't share too much

Don't be late to the game—get up and running on Twitter and start understanding how information is disseminated in today's world of Web 2.0. By keeping abreast and retweeting on industry trends, events and happenings, you'll stay in the know no matter how long you've been out of work. But, take care not to share too much. Social media can blur the lines of professional and personal, and your personality is easily conveyed. Stay away from daily and mundane updates and keep it in the professional realm.
It's still tough out there, no matter how many economists say things are on the "upswing." If you're still looking to land a new job or trying to promote your firm, consider taking advantage of the pervasive nature of social media such as Twitter and Facebook and get your name out there. Channel Insider takes a look at the top five ways to use social media to land a job in today's competitive market.
This article was originally published on 2010-05-07