Top Seven IT Security Certifications

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    Gina Roos

Top Seven IT Security Certifications

Top Seven IT Security Certifications

The transition to the cloud has had a profound impact on the top security certifications.

As growing interest in cloud infrastructure and applications among enterprises turns to implementation, IT teams must be prepared to assess, implement and manage their companies' hybrid infrastructure networks. The move to the cloud has resulted in a shakeout in the top security certifications this year, according to technology and education consultant Patrick Lane. Previously, most certifications were based on learning how to run and configure a physical local-area network, but the move to the cloud is a game-changer for IT professionals, and broader security knowledge is needed, Lane said. He noted a shift toward certifications that focus on cloud management rather than cloud configuration. What's more, even as adoption issues have eased, security remains one of the biggest challenges, Lane said. Based on these changes, Lane offers an alphabetical list of the top seven IT security certifications. (Channel Insider contributor Gina Roos updated this slide show, originally written by Chris Talbot and posted Feb. 4, 2011.)

This article was last updated on 2014-12-01