Non-Certified IT Skills Commanding Higher Pay

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    Ericka Chickowski

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Systems/NetworkingLast Two Years: -4.9 percentLast Year: 5.1 percentLast Quarter: 3.2 percent
Non-certified IT skills are commanding more pay in the job market, according to the most recent survey by IT employment consulting and market analyst firm Foote Partners. The firm's IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index examines the premium that employers are willing to pay for specific IT skills and certifications, and this time the data shows that employers are particularly lured by non-certified skills. The following is a breakdown in the change Foote researchers found that enterprises experienced within these valuable non-certified skills categories during multiple discrete time periods. The percentages indicate the change in the premium paid by employers for that particular non-certified skill during the given timeframe.
This article was originally published on 2011-06-02