Solutions and Best Practices for Solution Providers

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Everyone knows that it's difficult to find qualified talent these days. And political considerations have made it even harder to hire H-1B employees, putting small IT solution providers at a disadvantage.

Under the current system, the best solution to troublesome H-1B issues is to do your homework. Lots of it, said Lightman. " if you’re working with a lawyer and they're requesting documents that aren’t required -- anything that speaks to the substance of the ongoing business -- provide as much information as possible. They want incorporation documents, promotional materials, tax records, prepare as much as possible. Most want to avoid going into too much detail on the position. They don’t realize how much scrutiny their application is about to receive."

A real solution would be an H-1B process that recognizes conditions in small businesses and reduces the fees and complexity of the process, Lightman said.

Another solution is a separate track for IT, said Lightman, Salcedo and Thiel.

For his part, Salcedo said the H-1B is actually too liberal for the employee, which invites greater scrutiny upon the employer.

"The H-1B is a pretty good foot in the country for the employee, which is why they get away with being so selective in approving it," he said. "A visa with less privileges for the employee might require less scrutiny and make for an easier process."

Until then, he said, the H-1B system is impractical and "holding back business."