CompTIA Sounds Bugle for Corporate Career Registry for Veterans

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CompTIA has created a corporate registry of companies committed to hiring military veterans and their spouses once their tour of duty is completed.

This week CompTIA let it be known that it's looking for a few good companies to enlist in an effort to put U.S. military veterans to work in the tech industry after they've served. The IT industry group launched a new corporate registry of companies committed to hiring soldiers, sailors and Marines in civilian jobs once they leave the military.

A part of CompTIA's Troops to Tech Careers program, the registry will give veterans and their spouses the inside scoop on jobs at companies that sign up. Started up in August, Troops to Tech was created to smooth over the sometimes difficult transition between the battlefield and the boardroom that many veterans feel acutely. At the moment there are currently an estimated one million veterans out of work and between 2011 and 2016 more than one million more service members are expected to return from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to seek employment outside the military.

CompTIA teamed up with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers and the Department of Labor's One Stop Career Centers to create pilot programs in 33 cities across 17 states for Troops to Tech. At the career centers veterans are given an initial aptitude and skills assessment to see if they're suited to the technology field. They're then directed to the IT education and training options appropriate for their interests and skill sets, with training tracks eventually leading to being tested to earn CompTIA IT skills certifications.

The registry helps with the final, most important step of aiding with the job hunt following the achievement of certification.

"The corporate registry is intended for companies that already actively recruit America's veterans, and employers interested in starting a recruitment program," said Todd Thibodeaux, president and chief executive officer, CompTIA. "The new registry, along with existing resources on IT training and certification options, will provide veterans with all the tools they need to join the IT workforce."