CEO Priorities Shift To Customer Retention

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    Steve Wexler

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Growing confidence tempered by business caution will result in an aggressiveness to harvest the successes of the past through improved productivity. At the same time, CEOs are taking those returns and investing them in building a future that can deliver high returns. CEOs are maintaining tight cost control to deliver better margins and more cash to cope with the continuing economic turbulence. There are a number of issues CEOs and CIOs will need to focus on over the next five years.
Gartner reports there has been a major shift in CEO priorities from early in 2009, switching from cutting costs to retaining customers and enhancing existing relationships. This has huge implications for the channel over the next five years as CEO pay for future investments from the cost savings obtained from existing IT operations. Channel Insider explores what this means to you.
This article was originally published on 2010-04-05